Do they have a male role model?

No. My children live in a box.

Please do not worry, Lady on the Train, they have plenty – their uncles, their grandfathers, their neighbours, their friends’ fathers, and the idiots with guns on the news every evening. Although I prefer the former to the latter.

Besides, Lady on the Train, I rather think it depends on how you raise your children. If you are of the view that men should behave in a certain way and women in another, then yes, it is important that they should have someone to show them how to ‘behave like a man’.

If, on the other hand, you think that it is merely important to raise your child as an individual, with their own personal strengths and weaknesses, to be a good and loving human being, then what difference does a male role model make exactly? We subscribe to the second philosophy.

But do not worry, Lady on the Train, you are in good company. My own mother thinks that the reason that my son has such a good bond with her husband and son is because ‘he likes men’. Nothing to do with him liking them as people, and conveniently ignoring all the women he adores.

Every time my son engages with a male waiter, my mother engages her amateur psychologist eyebrow.

But my mother has never referred to my family as part of The Fallen. That, Lady on the Train, was a step too far.

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