Tweet Twoo

I think I have a Twitter account.


I have absolutely no idea what I am doing and fear that the martians will now come and get me.

I have tweeted into a big black hole of cyber nothingness.

I have a purple picture of an egg next to my name. All very pagan, but appropriate for my twitter name. The picture may change, if I can work out how on earth to change it.

People seem to ‘follow’ each other. It all seems a bit stalkery.

If you would like to follow me, please do – but don’t pull my hair or throw sticky weed at me, or I may just cross the road.

I am also a hypocrite, as I said I would never have a Twitter account. I think it may be a bad idea – it is so spooky that just by registering my account and clicking ‘next’, I was faced with certain grim faces from the past, presumably because they are associated with my email address and the aliens at Twitter Towers know this and wanted to give me a fright and make me feel a bit ill.

Am off now, with Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act singing ‘I will follow Him’ in my head.





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